finally … a blog post & a 10k PB

Last year during my Half Marathon at the Cobequid Trail Run in Truro, Nova Scotia I was completely derailed by my horrible pain in my knee.. a pain I had been trying so hard to not have during my training in the weeks leading up to race weekend.

I nearly stopped running the race to give up and just take a DNF (did not finish) ..

however my stubborn attitude got the best of me and I kept going from when the pain started at 8kms in to crying and limping through pain from 13-21.1km.

I was texting my mom through the whole thing trying to get all the encouragement I could. It defiantly helped knowing her, my boyfriend, grandmother, dad & stepmom were waiting for me at the finish line.

Which I crossed

with tears in my eyes from pain and pride

Last. Dead Last.

However, I still FINISHED a HALF MARATHON!!!

This year I trained again with Team Myles for the Blue Nose 10k (I also did the 5k there and PB’ed!)

During my practice 10k a couple weeks before race weekend, I could start to feel the pain in my knee returning. I decided that I needed more foam rolling and better legs days.

The races at the Blue Nose were great! I didn’t feel any knee pain during either of them!


Yesterday I finished the Tidal Trail 10k.

Fighting against 60km winds all the way out SUCKED!! LOL!

On the way back, at that DREADED 8km mark, the pain started.

I wanted to CRY

I was calculating my time all the way after 5k, keeping my pace under 8:00/km trying to snag that PB.

I eased off on my running and focused on breathing and the beautiful view of the Salt Marsh Trail in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

I ended up running in the middle of two women, one who hadn’t ran much and one who looked like an avid runner. We got talking about KT tape and IT band syndrome (which I have unofficially diagnosed myself with. HAHA) they helped keep me doing for a few mins before I decided I was close enough to the finish line to try and run a little more. I got into the woods and ran as much as I could. Going downhill wasn’t easy, the pain grew with each step I took.

As I approached the finished line I looked up to see the clock..

I wanted to get under 1:20 and when I saw the gun time at 1:19:30, I put it in true Blue Nose spirit to giv’er!

My chip time I was 1:18:56 !!!

I got to ring the Maritime Races PB Bell!!!!

I have another race this coming weekend. A 5k at Tire Trot in Bridgewater, Nova


I’m taking my bestie running for her first time ever!! At a race!!! What a way to start! I hope she loves it as much as I do!

That being said.. my focus this week is to foam roll & strengthen my inner thighs and glutes.

This morning I did some research and found a new KT Tape method for Lateral Knee Pain as well as some tips and exercises to do to treat IT Band Syndrome.

The tips included: not running, massaging the area and cycling.

This morning I went to GoodLife Fitness and foam rolled the area for a good 20 mins, and still could feel knots as I was wrapping up.

I then went downstairs and used their Virtual Fitness machine for 30 mins of Balance and Hip Opener focuses Yoga. Modifying the poses they used to ones that better worked for what I needed.

I intend on returning to the gym in a short while, seeing how my phone died on me while I was there and I couldn’t get in the exercises I wanted to do.

Wish me luck!




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